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Welcome to Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith, Kalapith an esteemed institution dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich musical tradition of India. We are deeply rooted in the diverse musical traditions of this great nation. Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith is run by Omkar Sangeet Vidyalaya Va Bahuuddeshiya Sanstha.We strive to nurture and propagate the art of music through Indian classical Music, Sugam Sangeet as well as varkari Sangeet examinations and initiatives since 2014. Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith is the first and only government registered autonomous music education and examination board to conduct separate examination syllabus for Sugam and Varkari Sangeet along with Indian classical music.

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Gretting from Chairman of Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith

Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith is one of the leading music training institutes in India which is known for creating artists of international caliber as well as it imparts music education, training and guidance and it is one of the best institution which shows the vision of Indian culture to the world.
Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith is the first and only institute to conduct separate examination syllabus for Sugam and Varkari Sangeet along with classical music. Along with the subject of music, the contribution of Kalapith is important in various fields such as social, spiritual, cultural and scientific.
It is the only organization that gives free music education to the children of martyred jawans as well as farmer suicide children, poor and orphaned students also it gives them jobs at various levels and giving them a dignified life. So far, thousands of students have gained the supreme experience of musical education from Kalapith.

History of Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith

Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith was established in the year 2014. O.S.V. & B.S., Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar’s Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 & Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. The Kalapith has become an autonomous music education and examination board after the recognition by Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra. It is benefiting the students for musical career who complete their musical education from Kalapith. Kalapith has been awarded ISO certification for transparent transactions and excellent service. With the help of talented and honorary artistes in the field of Indian music and center in charge, the work of training and dissemination of classical, varkari and light music is continuously going on through Kalapith.
At Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith, our mission is to foster a deep appreciation and understanding of Indian music encompassing Varkari Sangeet, Indian Light Music, and Indian Classical Music. We are dedicated to preserving, promoting, and advancing these musical traditions through our exam processes and educational initiatives. Our primary goal is to provide a platform for enthusiasts and aspiring musicians to showcase their talents, develop their skills, and gain certifications and recognition for their dedication to Indian music through structured examinations. We strive to create an inclusive and nurturing environment that encourages musical excellence, cultural awareness, and a lifelong passion for the diverse musical heritage of India.
  1. Preservation of Heritage
  2. We strive to safeguard and preserve the diverse musical heritage of India. By providing a platform for the study and appreciation of Varkari Sangeet, Indian Lite Music, and Indian Classical Music, we aim to ensure that these invaluable traditions endure through generations.

  3. Education and Empowerment
  4. Education is at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to providing accessible and comprehensive music education to all, transcending socioeconomic barriers. By empowering students with knowledge, skills, and opportunities, we pave the way for a more musically enriched society.

  5. Social Upliftment and Inclusivity
  6. We believe in using the power of music to bring positive change. We actively reach out to underserved communities, offering free music education to those in need, including the families of martyred jawans, children of farmer suicide victims, economically disadvantaged individuals, and orphaned students. Our scholarships and job opportunities aim to uplift lives and provide dignity and purpose.

    Through our mission, we envision a society where music is not only cherished and preserved but also used as a powerful tool for social progress and personal growth. Join us in this harmonious journey and let the magic of Indian music begain!
We aspire to facilitate a seamless and enriching learning journey through accessible online examinations that assess and recognize the proficiency of our students in their chosen musical paths. We envision a global community of music lovers who find inspiration, knowledge, and joy on our platform, fostering a deeper understanding of the cultural, historical, and artistic dimensions of Indian music. Through continuous innovation, collaboration, and dedication to quality, we seek to set new standards in music education and appreciation, ensuring that Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith remains a trusted beacon, inspiring a lifelong love for Indian music and nurturing the musicians and music enthusiasts of tomorrow.
Our vision revolves around three key principles:
  1. Music in Every Life
  2. We aspire to make music an integral part of daily life. We envision a society where people of all ages and backgrounds find joy, comfort, and inspiration through music. By promoting musical education and appreciation, we aim to create a world where melodies and rhythms bring people closer.

  3. Empowered Musicians, United Communities
  4. We strive to empower aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to excel. We believe that empowered musicians contribute not only to a rich musical tapestry but also to stronger, more unified communities that appreciate diversity and creativity.

  5. Preserving Heritage, Embracing Innovation
  6. In our vision, traditional Indian musical forms like Varkari Sangeet, Indian Lite Music, and Indian Classical Music are celebrated and preserved. Simultaneously, we embrace innovation and evolution in music, ensuring a dynamic and vibrant musical landscape that resonates with the modern world while respecting its roots.

    Let's harmonize the world and create a future where music is a universal language that binds us all together in joy and understanding. Join us in this harmonious journey Let the magic of Indian music begin!

Donate For Culture

Donate generously to Kalapith for the promotion of Indian music and culture. Get Income Tax Exemption* under Section 80G. Click here to donate and for more information.


"Our syllabus have been composed after detailed consultation with Music teachers, Professors, Artists, Professionals and Universities. With widely respected specialist examiners involved, we have set high standards."

Academic Achievements

More than


Students excelling in Varkari Sangeet examinations.

More than


students showcasing their talent in Indian Light Music.

More than


Qualified Students for Extra Marks in S.S.C Board Exam.

More than


Students appointed as Music Teachers in various reputed institutions.

More than


students demonstrating their proficiency in Indian Classical Music.

Exam Centers and Support

Authorized Exam Centre’s: Our influence spans across the nation with more than 670 authorized exam centre’s, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Grants to Exam Centers: We provide 20% subsidy, free guidance, awards and permanent affiliation to our dedicated exam centre’s.

What Sets Us Apart

Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith stands out for several reasons:

Exemplary Heritage: We are proud custodians of India's musical heritage, committed to preserving and celebrating its beauty.

Comprehensive Exams: We conduct comprehensive examinations in three main categories - Varkari Sangeet, Indian Light Music, and Indian Classical Music. These examinations are attentively designed to assess and certify the proficiency of musicians at various levels.

Expert Faculty: We have a team of dedicated professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of music. Our team comprises music experts, educators and administrators. With their expertise, they ensure a fair, unbiased and transparent examination process while providing valuable feedback to help students improve their skill.

Inclusivity: Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith welcomes students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, you will find a place to grow with the help of our examinations.

Relationships: Creating and maintaining relationship among students, teachers, staff and community partners.

Service: Dedicating ourselves to delivering excellent services, offering solutions, developing national and international networks and resources, and providing platforms, opportunities and support in the field of music.

Government Registrations & Approvals

  Societies Registration Act
Reg. No. : MH-1085/14

  Bombay Public Trust Act
Reg. No. : F-22232 (Au)

  Approved by Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra

  NITI Aayog (Govt of India)
Reg. No. : MH/2018/0192482

  Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Govt of India)
UAM Reg. No. : MH04A0030051

  ISO Certified 9001 : 2015

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Empowering Lives: Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith stands as a unique organization by providing free music education and employment opportunities to martyred jawans, children of farmer suicide victims, economically challenged, and orphaned students, allowing them to lead a dignified life.

Scholarships: We extend music scholarships to deserving and passionate individuals, encouraging them to pursue their musical aspirations.

Sangeet Jagat: Our E-journal ‘Sangeet Jagat’ is a platform that shares valuable information and insights related to music and showcasing its significance and beauty.

At Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith, we are dedicated to fostering a love for music and nurturing talent. Bhartiya Sangeet Kalapith is more than an institution; it is a vibrant community of music enthusiasts and learners. We invite you to join us on this musical journey, where passion meets tradition, and music enriches our lives.


Appreciation is the best motivation & cure.

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